Advanced People Counting for Efficient Store Supervision

In a world of fast-paced commerce and dynamic business environments, accurate tracking of people flow becomes critical to optimizing sales and improving customer experience. This is exactly where the DVC Special IP video surveillance series with advanced video analytics that offers impressive people counting capabilities comes into play.

Cameras from this series provide incredible performance and the ability to count entrances, exits and count the total number of people in the room. In addition, they are specially designed to be placed at the entrances of shops, convention or sports centers, providing not only security, but also intelligent analysis of people flow.

  • A stand-alone solution for counting people in a store using a DVC camera
  • Defining the allowed number of people directly on the camera via a local computer
  • The possibility of locking / unlocking the door via the relay alarm output of the recorder
  • The possibility of signaling the state of the input

These intelligent solutions enable a precise analysis of the efficiency of the sales center or store. Thanks to numerous functions, owners can better organize employees and manage sales in an optimal way. For example, when the number of people in the store falls below the maximum defined number, entry becomes free. However, when the number of people reaches the maximum, the entrance is no longer free. Only when the first person leaves the room and the number falls below the maximum allowed number, the entrance becomes free again.

These smart solutions not only optimize the customer experience but also help maintain security and order within the space. With the DVC Special IP video surveillance series, retailers have a tool that allows them to be one step ahead in adapting and responding to the changing needs of the market, thus ensuring business success at all times.

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